Economic Concepts

A Financial Times opinion piece discusses research claiming that people do not understand how housing supply impacts prices. But is that true?
A Financial Times opinion piece addresses housing supply issues, but uses bad economics. Let’s correct that.
Many of our opinions are formed based on our personal experiences. That’s natural, but we are subconsciously influenced by survivorship bias.
To think about economics issues, it is helpful to use good models. But what makes a model ‘good’?
Work from Home is receiving significant media push back due to several recent studies. But the conclusion The Economist magazine drew from them is…
Many things in life are rife with probabilities. In the context of medicine, they can be especially deceiving.
There's been a lot of chatter about recession lately. Why is there so much focus on it, when the economy is actually growing.
With the onset of spring, come weddings – how does partner preference impact behavior and long-run career outcome?
In his State of the Union address, President Biden underscored the need to “Buy American” – is this a good policy?
Recently we heard a lot about high profile layoffs – how does this impact the economy, individuals and firms?
We hear a lot about GDP - but what exactly is it and should we pay much attention to it?
Sovereign debt is in the news again, as the US negotiates raising its debt ceiling. Is sovereign debt something we should worry about?