Welcome to Nominal News. In this Substack, I will be discussing a variety of economic issues that are currently occurring in the US and the World.

As a trained Ph.D. Economist, I have noticed that the field of economics generally does not attempt to analyze or discuss current issues in a holistic way. This is primarily driven by the fact that the economics field does not value this type of work, instead focusing on research of narrowly defined questions that can be examined in great detail. This type of research is very high quality, but usually takes years to publish. However, many issues around the world need to be addressed in a far shorter span of time. In these cases, the field usually chooses to remain silent, arguing that since this particular issue has not been studied, having a discussion or voicing an opinion is not academically valuable, as we cannot be 100% certain that the answer is correct.

Economists, however, have already studied a lot of different topics and generated many great insights. The field has also developed helpful frameworks to think about any societal issue. These frameworks and insights can be synthesized to discuss and evaluate possible outcomes of policy decisions on current economic issues in society. 

Thus, in this Substack, I would like to share the tools and skills that I have acquired as a trained economist, and use them to discuss the various current economic issues facing us today. My focus will be on the US economy, as that is where I am based, but I will also discuss issues from around the world, if I believe my contribution could be valuable. If there are any issues you would like me to address or any feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Application of economic research to real issues